Empowering Indigenous Tourism Businesses for Success!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the Indigenous tourism industry, The Original Original Business Development Toolkit is here to support your journey. We’ve carefully crafted a set of resources with simplicity in mind, making them valuable tools for business development or for assistance when completing your application for The Original Original Accreditation Program.

1. The Original Original Accreditation Program Tracking Checklist

The accreditation process can be complex, but The Original Original Accreditation Program Tracking Checklist is designed to be user-friendly. It covers all questions for each accreditation pathway (Business Ready, Visitor Ready or Export Ready) making it equally valuable for those new to the process and those seeking to update their accreditation.

2. Business Ready Companion Guide

The Original Original Accreditation Program is a significant commitment and achievement, and its Business Ready Companion Guide is a great tool to assist in the application process. It provides example answers to help you craft your own responses, ensuring that you can navigate the accreditation process with confidence. 

3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Template

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are principles that apply to businesses at every stage. This resource offers practical steps to create a welcoming workplace that celebrates diversity, promotes equity, and fosters inclusion. By using this template, you’ll enhance your team’s experience, serve your communities better, and contribute to your overall success.

4. Emergency Action Plan Checklist

Safety is a priority for everyone in the tourism industry. For businesses that do not yet have an Emergency Action/Response Plan this checklist can be a great start. 

5. Marketing Plan Outline

Attracting guests is an ongoing process, and The Original Original Accreditation Program  Marketing Plan Outline offers a simple starting point that suits businesses at any stage. A well-crafted marketing plan is a fundamental tool for success in the competitive tourism industry, and this resource empowers you to create a strategic roadmap to reach your target audience, amplify your unique offerings, and thrive in your business.

6. Risk Management Plan

Safeguarding your Indigenous tourism business is of paramount importance, and a well-structured Risk Management Plan offers not only protection but a range of valuable benefits. It acts as a strategic safety net for businesses at any stage, helping to mitigate potential risks and unexpected events, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both your team and guests.

7. Business Plan Outline

A strong business plan is essential for your entrepreneurial journey, regardless of your experience level. The Original Original Accreditation Program Business Plan Outline offers a basic yet effective structure, designed to be equally valuable to newcomers and those seeking to revisit their plans.

These resources were designed to be easy to use, ensuring that everyone, from new businesses to established ones, can confidently use them to enhance their Indigenous tourism ventures. Feel free to explore and download these documents to elevate your business, no matter where you are on your journey. 

Your success is the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada’s success, and the team is  here to support you every step of the way.

View The Original Original Business Development Toolkit HERE. 

8. The Original Original Business Development Workshop Series

Need support in completing your The Original Original Accreditation Application? You have come to the right place!

The workshop series will guide you through the Business Ready application for The Original Original Accreditation program. This series is structured around the six key categories of market readiness that the application covers.

Should you choose to participate in all six sessions, the total time commitment is 12 hours; each session will be allocated a two-hour window.

Need help now? Watch the workshop series HERE.