Probe Research was retained by Travel Manitoba to conduct a survey among Manitobans regarding their awareness of authentic Indigenous tourism opportunities in the province, the drivers of interest in these experiences and any barriers to participating in these activities that may exist.

Key Findings

  • Only one-third of Manitobans say they are familiar with authentic Indigenous experiences. However, 52% have actually had these types of experiences already, including learning about culture and history from Indigenous elders or guides.
  • Key opportunity groups include women, parents and younger adults. Outdoor adventures and nature experiences as well as the chance to stay in an Indigenous accommodation such as a tipi are particularly appealing to these groups.
  • The key drivers of interest in an authentic tourism experience are a willingness to support Indigenous-owned businesses and a genuine desire to interact and learn from an Elder. These are the attitudes Travel Manitoba and ITAC may wish to highlight in marketing approaches.
    • 78% are keen to learn about Indigenous culture if it’s led by an Indigenous person.
    • 72% want to know their tourist dollars will directly benefit Indigenous communities.
  • Satisfaction with past authentic Indigenous tourism experiences is high: 54% are very satisfied.
  • 50% of Manitobans are likely to seek out Indigenous tourism experiences. However, this prospect is soft – only 9% are very likely.
  • Key barriers to Indigenous tourism are:
    • Knowledge – 63% don’t know where to find information about experiences.
    • Anxiety – 50% are worried they might say or do the wrong thing.
    • (Concerns about cost and quality are not significant barriers.)