How can I be featured on Destination Indigenous’ Social Media?

ITAC has multiple social media accounts that are used to promote ITAC’s members — including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With over 25,000 followers, ITAC is here to share our members’ best posts, so they can get more exposure. The following guidelines will help members be featured on ITAC’s social media more often.

Great photos and videos are the most shareable content, so always try to include one or more images or a video. ITAC has an excellent tool, Brand Guidelines for Photography, if members would like to learn more about what types of images work best.

Include #IndigenousCanada and #DestinationIndigenous hashtags whenever posting relevant content to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This helps ITAC find and share posts from members.

@Mention ITAC in relevant social posts will help the social team find and share posts. ITAC’s consumer social media accounts include Facebook (@DestinationIndigenous), Instagram (@DestinationIndigenous) and Twitter (@CAN_Indigenous).

To view ITAC’s Brand Guidelines for Photography and to learn how imagery can help your business, click here.

If an ITAC member has any questions or wants to let ITAC know about any upcoming campaigns or promotions, they can email ITAC’s social media team at

To learn more about how to be featured on ITAC’s social media accounts, click here.