Since 2015, Destination Indigenous and ITAC have been on an incredible journey at Rendez-vous Canada (RVC), and both couldn’t be prouder of the milestones achieved!

2015 – Niagara Falls, ON: Inaugural National Indigenous Pavilion at RVC. 17 booths showcasing Indigenous tourism products and experiences.

2016 – Montreal, QC: ITAC’s presence at RVC grew with a 45% increase in Indigenous representation. A total of 30 seller booths.

2017 – Calgary, AB: 35 booths in the ITAC pavilion and the introduction of the Guide to Indigenous Tourism featuring 55 market-ready & export-ready members.

2018 – Halifax, NS: ITAC played a significant role in adding an Indigenous component to RVC. This laid the foundation for future events, promoting inclusivity through land acknowledgments and opening prayers.

2019 – Toronto, ON: 34 booths and hosting the RVC Welcoming Ceremony in Toronto.

2022 – Toronto, ON: 24 businesses and tourism partners showcased at RVC. ITAC became a Gold Level Sponsor, allowing Indigenous tourism to shine with branded networking zones, an Indigenous Showcase, and a Travel Media Presentation.

2023 – Quebec City, QC: A new milestone as ITAC presented a whopping 46 booths and 109 delegates at RVC. ITAC was recognized as a Diamond Level Sponsor, the highest-recognized sponsorship package, with responsibilities like hosting the RVC Welcoming Ceremony, a shared networking space with Destination Canada and Indigenous Tourism Quebec, and even a special Indigenous luncheon and throat singing performance. The association also delivered a Travel Trade Media Presentation.

This journey is a testament to the growing interest in authentic Indigenous tourism, and ITAC is honoured to spotlight its members at the forefront.

The association looks forward to the future, where it can continue to promote Indigenous tourism, share our rich culture, and build meaningful partnerships.

View the full timeline here.