Organization calls for increased commitment to growth and support for the Indigenous tourism Industry

In response to yesterday’s Liberal party federal election win, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is feeling encouraged that work the organization has undertaken to rebuild the Indigenous tourism industry with the Liberal government will continue.

ITAC congratulates all Indigenous candidates who ran in this year’s election. In total, according to all parties, 77 candidates (25 liberals, 29 NDP, 8 Conservative, 11 Green, 4 PPC) identified as Indigenous compared to in the 62 last election- a milestone for representation of the Indigenous community. ITAC also acknowledges the campaign efforts and inclusion of Indigenous relations within the discussions and party platforms of all the parties in this election; this was a welcomed step forward but only the beginning now that the dialogue has been started and hopefully these issues will be actioned rather than tabled. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, ITAC has advocated for and worked with the federal government to provide financial and development support for Indigenous tourism operators from coast to coast to coast. Under the newly formed government, ITAC will continue to push for Indigenous-led solutions to bring back the industry to pre-pandemic levels and to protect further businesses from closure.

“ITAC is committed to continuing our relationship and dialogue with Liberal leaders as the caucus is formed,“ said ITAC President and CEO, Keith Henry. “We hope to see further commitment to tourism and more specifically to Indigenous tourism through Indigenous-led solutions. The support given throughout the past few years has helped our businesses tremendously but they are not out of the woods yet. We are eager to see that our government will work urgently to provide our businesses, and the tourism industry overall, with the support needed to ensure the health and recovery of one of Canada’s largest economic drivers.“

“With the Indigenous tourism industry still at risk without continued federal support, ITAC will continue to advocate for and educate federal public servants on Indigenous realities and why Indigenous-led solutions are the only way we will see the sector thrive again. If we are able to work collaboratively with the federal government on establishing these tactics and processes, we will be able to show the world once again the value of Indigenous tourism to the economy of this country,” said Henry.

On the heels of election spending, ITAC urges all members of the government to show an equally strong commitment to tourism recovery with funding allocated to the recovery and rebuilding of the fabric of our country, the Indigenous tourism industry.