The distribution of your experiences is key to building your business. ITAC is offering a unique opportunity to all of our export and market-ready members to sell their tourism experiences online through a package directory on

For Marketing Upgrade members, we’re also offering the option to integrate online booking functionality into your own website, free of charge for the first year!

A Hub for Indigenous Tourism Experiences in Canada

Launched in 2020, the new website is the ultimate vacation planner for anyone interested in experiencing Indigenous tourism in Canada. This website allows people to connect with the unique stories and cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples across Canada. Through vibrant imagery, member highlights and engaging educational content, visitors will be drawn into the diverse Indigenous tourism offerings before they even leave their homes. A key feature of the new website is its interactive map that allows visitors to easily search the entire country for the experiences they are interested in. Another key feature made possible by ITAC is the package directory where member can offer up to three packages on Destination Indigenous.

How it works?

The process is very simple, ITAC takes care of making this space available to you and will redirect several call to actions of its marketing investments in order to create traffic on the packages.

The member must for his part provide the following elements:
  • A high resolution photo in landscape mode
  • A 150-word description per package including a starting price
  • An online booking link from its website*.

* The member’s website must be transactional, otherwise the submitted packages will be rejected. If you do not have an online reservation system, ITAC has an agreement with the company SimpleRez which provides you with a FREE online reservation system for one year.

Please note that ITAC is not responsible for the management of individual member packages. It is the member’s responsibility to notify ITAC when they need to make changes or remove packages as well as pricing updates. Also, in case of non-compliance ITAC reserves the right to request changes or remove packages from the website at all times.

Registration of packages

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Online Reservation System

To learn more about the ITAC’s online reservation system program, please contact:

Tamara Littlelight