ITAC’s Product Development Fund is a program that responds directly to the demonstrated need of the support which is needed to guide and prepare Indigenous tourism businesses to reach a market-ready state and develop sustainable growth for economic success. Based on the demand, ITAC has announced that this year’s fund distributes a total of $418,000, a significant increase from the $130,000 distributed in 2016. This year’s funds will assist a total of 65 Indigenous tourism businesses representing every province and territory in Canada.

By improving product and capacity development among partner and member organizations, the Product Development Fund forms part of ITAC’s strategic five-year plan, with a goal for 50 new market/export-ready businesses by 2021. Funding for the initiative is supported by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

2018 Product Development Fund Success Stories

From training a young person to guide visitors through ancient sites, to buying paddleboards, canoes or helping with down-payments on specialized snowmobiles for guests, ITAC’s Product Development Fund is making a huge difference for Indigenous tourism operators from coast to coast to coast.