ITAC has launched a four-year, $50 million strategic recovery plan with the goal to respond, recover and rebuild the Indigenous tourism industry across Canada to levels experienced in 2019.

ITAC’s 2020-24 Recovery Plan will ensure investment in provincial and territorial Indigenous tourism associations and its members through stimulus development grants—starting with a revised investment of an estimated $14 million directly to eligible Indigenous tourism businesses, which ITAC began distributing last month.  

“With this funding, by 2024, we will see 40,000 Indigenous people working in our industry again, as we continue to bolster Indigenous tourism businesses across Canada,” says Keith Henry, President and CEO of ITAC. “We will work hard to once again celebrate 1,900 Indigenous tourism businesses, 40,000 Indigenous tourism employees and a contribution of $1.9 billion in revenue to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) – doing our part in helping rebuild our national economy.” – Keith Henry, President & CEO

The three main priorities of ITAC’s strategic recovery plan are:

  • Ensuring the sustainability of ITAC member businesses across the country. This will be achieved through the creation of a stimulus investment fund for Indigenous tourism operators and an increased emphasis on education and training.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the provincial and territorial Indigenous tourism associations. This will be achieved by supporting the ability of provincial and territorial Indigenous tourism associations to maintain their membership and infrastructure.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of ITAC’s national operations. This will be achieved with an emphasis on leadership and through the strengthening of relationships with our industry and government partners.