November 19, 2019, Traditional Territory of the Syilx Nation (Kelowna, BC) – Keith Henry, President and CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC), is pleased to announce three changes to the ITAC Board of Directors Executive made at this year’s Annual General Meeting, held during the International Indigenous Tourism Conference.  

Kevin Eshkawkogan, formally the Vice-Chair, will be taking the position of Treasurer, Marilyn Jensen, formally the Secretary will now be Vice-Chair, and Tara Saunders, the Director for Newfoundland and Labrador, will be the new Secretary. 

“I’m excited for some of our key members to shine in their new positions,” says Henry. “They have all been exceptional team leaders and I know they will excel in their new roles.” 

The full ITAC Board of Directors are now as follows:

  • Brenda Holder, Chair, Alberta
  • Marilyn Jensen, Vice-Chair, Yukon
  • Kevin Eshkawkogan, Treasurer, Ontario
  • Tara Saunders, Secretary, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Darrell Bernard, Director, Nova Scotia
  • Dave Daley, Director, Manitoba
  • Patricia Dunnett, Director, New Brunswick
  • Kelly Fiddler, Director, Saskatchewan
  • Frank Antoine, Director, British Columbia – New Director
  • Joe Bailey, Director, Northwest Territories – New Director
  • Jason Picard-Binet, Director, Quebec
  • Doreen Sark, Director, Prince Edward Island
  • Vacant, Nunavut