Joint news release with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada and the Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association.

The Government of Yukon, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and the Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association (YFNCT) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the Advancing Indigenous Tourism Conference today in Carcross.

The MOU sets the foundation for a collaborative partnership between the organizations as they work towards the shared goal of creating opportunities to grow Indigenous tourism in a way that will increase economic benefits and overall wellbeing to Yukon First Nations communities and Indigenous entrepreneurs. The MOU outlines six strategic priorities:

  1. Establishing Yukon as a premier destination for Indigenous tourism,
  2. Supporting the development of sustainable, market-ready and export-ready Indigenous experiences,
  3. Increasing awareness and demand for Indigenous tourism experiences in Yukon,
  4. Maintaining and celebrating the authentic cultures and communities of the Yukon,
  5. Supporting and facilitating involvement of Yukon First Nations communities in Indigenous tourism development, and
  6. Aligning the Parties’ strategies to leverage funding and maximize opportunities.


Indigenous tourism presents an incredible opportunity for Yukon First Nations to increase economic development while sharing and celebrating their heritage in a meaningful and authentic way. This memorandum of understanding sets the stage for how we will work together as partners to sustainably grow Indigenous tourism in Yukon.
– Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys

“We are also honoured to collaborate and support the growth of Indigenous tourism in the Yukon. The opportunities are endless and together with the leadership of YFNCT and the Government of Yukon, the Yukon is poised to build its reputation globally for exceptional Indigenous experiences, which are in such high demand from today’s visitors.”
– Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada Chief Executive Officer Keith Henry

YFNCT provides Yukon First Nations the opportunity to take a leading role in the planning, development and management of Indigenous tourism within the realms and protocols of our own teachings, values and paradigms but aligned with our partners and the industry itself. We are honoured to do this work with our partners ITAC and the Government of Yukon.
– Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association President Marilyn Jensen

Quick facts

  • On a national scale, the Indigenous tourism industry employs over 41,000 people, contributes $1.8 billion to the Canadian economy, and includes 139 export-ready Indigenous tourism businesses.
  • ITAC’s new targets for 2024 will see total Indigenous tourism revenues contributing $2.2 billion to the annual Canadian GDP, 49,383 total jobs in Indigenous tourism, and 200 export-ready indigenous tourism experiences across Canada.

Related information

Janine Workman, Cabinet Communications
Government of Yukon

Cameron Webber, Communications, Tourism & Culture
Government of Yukon

Jenna Hickman, Media Contact
Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

Alexis Hougen
Marketing & Projects Coordinator
Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association
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