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The spirit of Saskatchewan is reflected in the culture, history and traditions of its First Nations and Métis people. Along with this rich mix of history and culture, Saskatchewan offers visitors endless freshwater fishing, abundant wildlife, uncrowded parks, and outdoor adventures.

Indigenous Tourism Fund Micro and Small Business Stream Questions and Support

ITAC is delighted to collaborate with the Provincial and Territorial Indigenous Tourism Associations, extending support to members from coast to coast to coast. The association aims to offer expert guidance and assistance, ensuring operators are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to thrive.

If you have questions about the Indigenous Tourism Fund Micro and Small Business Stream or need help getting your application completed, please email Michelle Brown, ITAC Business Support Coordinator at Michelle@IndigenousTourism.ca

You also have the option to contact your respective Provincial/Territorial Indigenous Tourism Organization.

Indigenous Destinations Saskatchewan – Annie Charles at Annie@IndigenousSK.ca

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Businesses located in Saskatchewan should reach out directly to ITAC to apply for membership. Some businesses may also qualify for a free Marketing Upgrade.  

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For more information please contact:

ITAC Partnership in Saskatchewan

Tourism Saskatchewan

Tourism Saskatchewan is a Treasury Board Crown Corporation responsible for developing and promoting tourism in Saskatchewan. Tourism Saskatchewan’s mandate includes marketing, visitor services, education and training, and product and industry development.