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Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories landscape is vast and beautiful, encompassing huge lakes, mighty rivers, mountains and the spectacular barrenlands. In summer, the midnight sun shines on a events across this vast land, and in winter the aurora dances in the night sky.

Membership Info

ITAC directly supports Indigenous tourism operators in the Northwest Territories. Working together with industry partners in the province, ITAC is furthering the progress of the Indigenous tourism industry in the Northwest Territories to provide Indigenous tourism operators with greater access to marketing, development and partnership opportunities.

Indigenous owned and controlled businesses in the Northwest Territories can receive a complimentary ITAC membership with benefits including:

  • Access to development grants
  • Subsidies to attend trade shows
  • Business listings in our Indigenous Tourism Guide and website
  • Coverage on ITAC’s social media channels
  • and more…

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Businesses located in the Northwest Territories should reach out directly to ITAC to apply for membership. Some businesses may also qualify for a free Marketing Upgrade.

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For more information please contact:

Melanie Fraser

Industry Engagement Manager Melanie@IndigenousTourism.ca

ITAC Partnership in Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Tourism

The tourism industry in the Northwest Territories is vibrant and growing. This industry website is meant for all businesses and individuals involved in the tourism industry in the Northwest Territories. On this site you will find useful information and news related to the tourism industry, upcoming events, and information about membership in the association.

Government of Northwest Territories

The Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to growing the tourism industry and offers a number of training, development and marketing programs to assist businesses in the territory.