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With an ITAC membership, there are many benefits and many opportunities to grow your business. Any person or organization that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Canada may apply to become an ITAC Member.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ITAC member.

Members have the opportunity to participate in ITAC marketing, sales and business development programs. Members who are market-ready and no less than 51% Indigenous-owned also have the option to be listed on the DestinationIndigenous.ca website and included in Nations Magazine.

Highlights of Membership Include:

  • Participate in marketing and sales programs.
  • Access training and business development programs
  • Networking opportunities with industry partners.

You are in Good Company

ITAC represents Indigenous-owned and controlled tourism businesses from across the country, including  export-ready and market-ready companies as well as businesses still in development. Any person or organization that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Canada may apply to become an ITAC Member.

Member Directory

ITAC is a member-driven organization, and it is with your participation that we can continue to champion your voices. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, it is imperative that our communities, businesses, and the Indigenous tourism industry remain united.

To help support our members during these uncertain times, we are waiving the $99 membership fee for 2022-23 for Indigenous-owned tourism businesses or Indigenous-lead tourism organizations. We are also waiving the $199 Marketing Upgrade fee for those members who are export-ready and meet all of our eligibility requirements.

If you have already renewed or applied for a membership we would like to thank you for your continued support for the growth of Indigenous tourism. For additional information about the benefits and application requirements for membership please see the ITAC Membership Program Guide.


Membership Types

Market-Ready Indigenous Tourism Experience

Voting Member

A tourism experience, offered by a business that is no less than 51% Indigenous-owned and adheres to the ITAC Market-Ready Checklist which includes: maintaining business licenses and insurance; maintaining a staffed business location with set operating hours; providing year-round contact information; and branded on-site signage. There is no membership fee for Market-Ready Indigenous Tourism Experiences in 2022-23.

Indigenous Tourism Association

Voting Member

A tourism association that is majority managed by Indigenous directors and represents tourism businesses that adhere to the ITAC Market-Ready Checklist and that are no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, and meet or exceed the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC. There is no membership fee for Indigenous Tourism Associations in 2022-23.

Optional Marketing Upgrade

For Market-Ready Indigenous Tourism Experiences and Indigenous Tourism Associations only.

This marketing upgrade is available only to ITAC voting members who meet Export-Ready criteria. Marketing Upgrade membership applications must include the completed Market-Ready Checklist and the Export-Ready Checklist in order to qualify. There is no membership fee for Marketing Upgrades in 2022-23.

Non-Market-Ready Indigenous Tourism Experience

Non-Voting Member

An Indigenous-owned or controlled tourism business that does not meet the requirements of the ITAC Market-Ready ChecklistThere is no membership fee for Non-Market-Ready Indigenous Tourism Experiences in 2022-23.

Industry Partner

Non-Voting Member

Any Indigenous or non-Indigenous Canadian tourism-oriented businesses, organizations, associations (incorporated or otherwise) or persons within Canada who wish to support ITAC’s vision and mission. There is a $99 membership fee for Industry Partners.