The most recent of AFAR Magazine hits the newstands this week and features a two page spread on Indigenous travel experiences in Canada.

“We have been here for 14,000 years” is the quote from Mike Willie, owner and operator of Sea Wolf Adventures on northern Vancouver Island, which leads the story and continues on to introduce a series of travel itineraries featuring Indigenous tourism experiences across Canada. This is the first part of a marketing campaign ITAC has initiated in the United States to drive awareness and interest in ITAC’s new travel package website IndigenousCanada.Travel. ITAC Chair Brenda Holder, and owner of Mahikan Trails, an outdoor adventure tour company in Alberta shares, “These trips are our invitations, open to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in our cultures and get to know us as individuals.”

The marketing partnership with AFAR Media includes this advertorial, a series of online advertisements on over the coming weeks, and the opportunity to meet with the AFAR Advisory Council, a group of leading minds and companies in the travel industry to discuss issues and opportunities for Indigenous tourism.