In partnership with Destination Canada we are proud to introduce the first two videos in a series entitled Indigenous Voices. The new video series tells stories of Indigenous people by Indigenous people, from nations across Canada. The first two videos feature Blaire Russel from the the Blood – Kainai First Nation in Alberta and Anong Beam from Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

View the Indigenous Voices – series trailer here:

Indigenous Voices – Blaire Russell, Southern Alberta

Photographer Blaire Russell welcomes us to Alberta, and his homeland, as a part of the Blood Tribe – Kainai First Nation.

“I want to invite people in, to learn about us, and to break barriers.”

“The Elders have always said that our DNA goes deep, deep, deep into the soil. It wasn’t actually until I actually experienced the power of some of these stories that I started to realize it is more than just a story. It is an experience.”

Indigenous Voices – Anong Beam, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

There are six Anishinaabe communities on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, with a deeply rooted history of creativity. Anong Beam shares her passion for creating artwork from the land to convey the experience of Manitoulin Island.

“It’s amazing to venture out into the landscape and collect some of this matter and material and then return to the studio and turn it into paint. It’s using pieces of Manitoulin to paint Manitoulin.”