The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) was represented last week in Ottawa, ON. at the annual GoMedia Canada 2019 event. Co-sponsored by Destination Canada, this interactive appointment-based, 3-day meeting venue enables industry partners across Canada to meet with approximately 150 Media personalities from various countries worldwide.

The meetings that ITAC selectively participated in included writers, journalists, TV producers and bloggers, each having a keen interest in developing unique stories about Canada that can be shared with their vast number of followers and target audience readers in their home country. These meetings and developing stories form the basis for select media trips that in the case of ITAC members are often based upon immersive travel experiences and how they interact with people, places, and culture.  Naturally, this exceptional international and local exposure translates into increased visitations to ITAC member businesses and industry partners throughout Canada. We will be sure to follow-up with specific storyline developments and anticipated ITAC member opportunities.

For the very first time, ITAC was able to have a dedicated Indigenous tourism post-GoMedia tour. With the assistance of Destination Canada, there were four international journalists participating in a 1-week familiarization trip to Nunavik – Quebec’s far North. This trip included Nunavik Parks – Pingualuit Provincial Park as well as ITAC member, Inuit Adventures and their ‘Big 3’ package viewing of polar bears, muskoxen and caribou while experiencing the Inuit culture. This has been possible with the support of Destination Canada, Nunavik Tourism, Quebec Aboriginal Tourism, and Quebec Tourism Alliance.

There were a number of additional post-trips in other provinces and territories that enabled visiting media to experience unique regions and Indigenous cultures of Canada. The national and provincial DMO partnerships are sincerely valued as they continue to assist our efforts in showcasing Indigenous experiences among our members Canada wide.