The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is pleased to share its 2021 Mid-Term Report. The report highlights achievements including the launch of The Original Original domestic marketing campaign, on-going advocacy work with our federal partners including the completion of the Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) research, and robust industry education and engagement program including the launch of nine webinars to name a few examples.

The Mid-Term Report provides a transparent look into the strategy and continued work ITAC is doing to stabilize and help grow ITAC member businesses and to ensure the sustainability of the provincial and territorial Indigenous tourism associations, as well as ITAC’s national operations.

“The time is now to stabilize and grow Indigenous tourism in Canada and we are working tirelessly to champion, socialize and assist members in activating the new COVID-19 strategic plan to more effectively drive travellers to their businesses,” said Keith Henry, President and CEO of ITAC. “We’re helping to build meaningful awareness and create positioning that is consistent, unified and crystalizes what Indigenous tourism and cultural experiences offer to the tourism industry across Canada.”

Before the pandemic, Indigenous tourism capitalized on more than 30 years of marketing and development leading to our sector’s most successful year ever in 2019. While the pandemic has greatly affected that trajectory, ITAC believes, with proper investments from the federal government, that they can return to these targets of $1.9 billion of direct GDP contributions, 1,900 Indigenous tourism businesses and more than 40,000 Indigenous tourism employees by 2025.

“ITAC will continue to be a leader that works to stabilize, recover and ultimately regain the lost ground for which we have worked so hard,” said Henry.

You can read the 2021 Mid-Term Report here.