ITAC’s Keith Henry, Teresa Ryder and Sébastien Desnoyers-Picard met with Indigenous cultural leaders in Santiago, Chile yesterday.

ITAC, the Chilean Government, and Indigenous tourism leaders from key locations in the country are completing the development of supportive guidelines for experience development of authentic Indigenous tourism in Chile using the successful models created in Canada.

The ITAC team was honoured to share time with Celeste Painepan Nicil, Mapuche cultural leader, and to learn about 1 of the 9 Indigenous communities in the country. The Mapuche people are the largest Indigenous population in Chile and are known for their strength and cultural pride.

Today, the ITAC team is off to meet with several agencies in Llahuepulli, a Mapuche community near Temuco.

Below are some of the photos from ITAC’s time in Chile so far.

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