Indigenous Cultural Centers and Heritage Parks

Cultural Centres, Heritage Parks
Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Canada’s diversity stretches far beyond its rich and varied landscapes. The country is home to hundreds of Indigenous communities who have thrived for thousands of years. Visitors can be welcomed to learn at Indigenous-run cultural centers and heritage parks across Canada, hearing the myriad stories passed down over many generations, visiting prehistoric sites and walking in the footsteps of Indigenous elders.

Step back in time at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a National Historic Site just outside Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. Home to over 6000 years of history and Canada’s longest-running archeological dig, this Northern Plains interpretive site features ancient tipi rings, stone cairns, plant seeds, egg shell fragments and animal bones. Take a guided walk on the Path of the People for a glimpse of what life was like in this once-thriving society on the prairie long ago.

Discover the First Nations myths and legends at Tourism Wendake, just 14 minutes from the heart of Québec City. Dive deep into the Huron-Wendat culture at the on-site museum to learn about the history of the local people. In the evening, visit with the storyteller, and spend the night at the traditional longhouse for an authentic experience.

Tourism Wendake | Traditional Huron-Wendat Long House

Learn the living history of the Mi’kmaq people at Membertou Heritage Park, right outside Sydney on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. At the five-acre site, get insights into this ancient culture, passed down orally over many generations, by visiting the indoor exhibit and the Petroglyphs gift shop for a look at the locally made arts and crafts.

Membertou Heritage Park

Celebrate the living culture of the Haida people at Haida Heritage Centre, located at Ḵay Llnagaay on British Columbia’s northwest coast. Designed to resemble the traditional oceanside village that once stood in its place, today the 50,000 sq. ft. center showcases a museum, a performance house, a carving shed, a canoe house, a bistro and two multipurpose classrooms. Through the language, art and stories, learn about the Haida people’s relationship with the land and sea.

Take in this First Nations culture at Kwanlin Dün Cultural Center on the banks of the Yukon River. Share in the stories, art, music and traditional food of the Kwanlin Dün who have lived within this traditional territory for thousands of years. Check out the carefully curated exhibits and the large corridor lined with interpretive displays. Don’t miss the Sun Moon Window piece by Mark Preston, a Tlingit artist.

Walk in the footsteps of Mi’kmaq elders at Metepenagiag Heritage Park in New Brunswick. The Mi’kmaq culture thrived here for over 30 centuries and at this state-of-the-art facility you can learn its story, share its music and listen to its oral history. Wander its walking trails and visit the archeological finds of this ancient village that has two National Historic Sites: the Augustine Mound and the Oxbow, a once prosperous fishing community.

Metepenagiag Heritage Park

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