The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is pleased to be a presenting partner at the 2023 Tourism Town Hall Series and invites its members and partners to the Alberta Tourism Town Hall 2023 on Tuesday, May 2, at Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

Delivered by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) to reach all tourism industry stakeholders from coast to coast to coast. The series will be delivered in person and online in every province and territory. It will provide an opportunity to meet with ITAC, TIAC and their partners to better understand efforts on national and local tourism issues, and offers a forum for open dialogue, discussion, and constructive debate.

This town hall will be a full-day event, including a morning session focused on innovation and sustainability best practices and sharing of experiences and highlights of industry resources focused on digitization, market readiness research and training.

Following a complimentary lunch, the town hall session will give tourism stakeholders first-hand input on issues affecting their business and an overview of the plans to reposition and grow Canada’s Visitor Economy, including all verticals from leisure/business travel, travel trade, meetings and conventions and sports tourism.

On the agenda, Sébastien Desnoyers-Picard, Vice President of ITAC will be sharing ITAC’s Indigenous tourism priorities for growth towards its 2030 goals.

To find out more or register please visit the website here.