Established in 1976, Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) is Canada’s signature international tourism marketplace where the international travel trade connect with Canada’s tourism industry partners.

At RVC, qualified travel buyers come together to meet with Canadian tourism professionals to gain the product and information they need to market and sell Canada with confidence.  RVC is a significant event for the Canadian tourism sector—providing critical connections to international sellers that will support the recovery and resilience of the tourism sector in the months and years ahead.

Rendez-vous Canada+ (RVC+) is a shift in thinking about the potential of RVC. In 2021, we are embracing a more expansive and inclusive mindset that allows us to take the event to new platforms and new audiences. RVC+ is an invitation to share our love for Canada and foster a strong and vibrant visitor economy in Canada.

Given the current health and safety guidelines, the event will be hosted on an online virtual platform.  Regardless of this event now being virtual, the focus is still on ensuring efficient collaboration, with pre-scheduled appointments between buyers and sellers, and promoting focused engagement around the best of the best of Canada’s tourism experiences.

The foundation of RVC remains the same and RVC+ will continue to be Canada’s signature international tourism marketplace. This new format allows us the freedom to explore new opportunities and new ways of engagement in these challenging times.