Uashassihtsh Ilnu Cultural Learning Site

Uashassihtsh, which means “little bay,” began activities as a cultural learning site in 2012. Located in a picturesque setting on the shore of Pekuakami (Lac Saint-Jean), it is a popular meeting place in summer. Each year, the site hosts events such as the Grand Gathering of First Nations (a powwow in July), continuing a tradition of summer get-togethers.

Uashassihtsh Ilnu Cultural Learning Site has a dual function. It is a centre for the promotion of Ilnu culture, where knowledge and culture are shared between generations, and it offers visitors a privileged look at the way of life and traditions of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh.

In a relaxed and festive atmosphere during the summer, people get together at the site to chat and tell stories. Activities revolve around crafts, food, fishing, making canoes from birchbark or canvas, creating tools from wood and bone, tanning hides and making clothing.

Here at the edge of the Pekuakami, just under 300 kilometres from Quebec City, people recreate the life of its first inhabitants. The complex also boasts an arts pavilion and stage, and a general store.

The Uashassihtsh site is a fascinating journey into the lives of a nomadic people who once roamed these lands and rivers and who, today, proudly carry on the region’s rich spiritual life and cultural history.

At A Glance

  • Hands-on Cultural Immersion
  • Crafting Traditional Canoes
  • Creating Traditional Tools
  • Tanning Hides
  • Making Clothing


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