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Experience ice roads, reindeer herding, and snowmobiles on a trip of a lifetime with the North of the Arctic Circle travel package, featuring Tundra North Tours as an authentic Indigenous experience.  

A vast herd of 3,000 reindeer moves slowly, like a living river, across the stark, snowy tundra. Follow in their footsteps as they travel towards their spring calving grounds. See shimmering northern lights shoot across the horizon as you head for the night into an igloo you helped build. Mush your own dog team, smoke fish and share a feast cooked by Inuvik elders while chatting with them about traditional life. Take part in old-time games, dances, and songs and feel the connection these people have with the Arctic’s creatures and wide-open spaces.

For over a decade, Kylik Kisoun Taylor of Tundra North Tours has been introducing visitors to the spectacular North. An Inuvialuit/Gwich’in from Inuvik whose grandparents lived a traditional lifestyle, Taylor is passionate about sharing insights about his world. “People come here seeking to connect with untouched wilderness and experience other cultures,” he says. “They leave transformed.”

Tundra North Tours takes visitors on a range of summer and winter expeditions in the Northwest Territories and Yukon — including trips along the Dempster Highway, the Ice Road over the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Ocean to Tuktoyaktuk, along the Arctic coast and to Herschel Island. “Anyone can take you on a boat trip down the Mackenzie River or picking berries on the tundra,” says Kisoun Taylor. “But we share an intimate look at what it means to be Indigenous.”

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