Polar Outfitting

Discover the natural beauty and rich culture of Nunavut in the company of authentic Inuit guides who have lived in this extraordinary place their whole life. Owned and operated by Alexander Flaherty, a lifetime Nunavummiut and resident of the capital, Iqaluit, growing up in Grise Fjord, Nunavut, Alex learned the traditional skills needed to hunt and survive in the Canadian North from hunters from the community. Today he uses that knowledge and skills to share the beauty of Nunavut with visitors by leading guided trips and expeditions out on the land.

Head for the water in a quest to land the legendary Arctic Char, a fish that can weigh up to 10 pounds that comes with a fight in every ounce! Fishing from a boat or trying a cast from the shore, have a day of fun landing your own Arctic beauty, while learning more of the world around you, as your guide shares stories about the historic archaeological sites in the area, dating back almost a thousand years to the time of the Thule and modern Inuit occupation of the region. With so much to see in Iqaluit it takes a passionate, local guide to ensure you don’t miss a thing; travel to the best places that only locals know, through the vast expanse of awe-inspiring mountains and rolling hills, past rushing rivers and ocean to ancient archaeological sites and the best places to view Arctic wildlife including seals, walrus, whales, numerous bird species and polar bears.

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