Okichitaw Canada

Okichitaw is a unique, powerful, practical martial art system that uses basic but aggressive combat movements that were employed specifically throughout Plains Indigenous Warfare. Based on Indigenous Plains combat techniques and tactics, this concurrent version of the combat art embodies the spirit of the Plains Warrior fighting and warfare applications through the utilization with traditional weapons.

All hand, foot and body mechanics are a reflection of specific Plains Cree weaponry and their respective movements. Indigenous weaponry such as tomahawk, lance, gunstock warclub and knife are used in advanced training.

Okichitaw’s hand-fighting techniques are built from a history of tactics and function which have been attributed through the combination of physical applications in conjunction with indigenous weaponry and their technical applications.

At A Glance

  • Okichitaw Basics and Traditional Games
  • Self-defense
  • Indigenous Weaponry
  • Combat Practice
  • Indigenous Warfare Historical Perspectives
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