No'kmaq Village - Flat Bay Band Inc.

After fishing for smelts with a Mi’kmaq elder, learn how he cooks them. Go berry picking with a local, then head back to her kitchen to turn the bounty into jam. In the winter, explore the land by snowmobile.

No’kmaq Village is already well known for its annual July powwow, with as many as 10,000 people who attend for the dancing. And now, the village is developing new amenities, accommodations and activities to enjoy year-round.

“We have people from all over the world interested in Flat Bay and our culture. Now, they want to come not just for the powwow, but for other authentic experiences, as well,” says Liz LaSaga, chief and band manager.

From ice fishing in the winter to boil ups on the beach in summer, No’kmaq Village is developing a long list of experiences for visitors to have. The village has completed construction of a new playground and other infrastructure, and is working on building accommodations: cabins, an RV park and tents for people to stay in when they visit.

“We want visitors to feel like they really jelled with the people here, and that they learned the actual culture of our people,” says LaSaga. "Go down the road to Anne-Marie’s house and learn how to make moccasins. Or, visit another home and learn how to harvest bear fat, or make bread. We’re using all our real people.”

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  • Camping
  • Heritage Interpretation
  • Culinary Experiences
  • Storytelling
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