Lennox Island Mi'kmaq Culture Centre

Discover a cultural experience like no other at the Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre. From guided trail walks through history-rich forests, cooking with elders on a red sand beach to learning traditional Mi’kmaq crafts come and experience life on Prince Edward Island through a transformative Indigenous lens.

Walk with a community guide or take a self-guided tour along the Path of Our Forefathers to hear stories of traditional forest use, local history, ecology and culture; learn traditional skills with the help of a community elder from creating your own porcupine quillwork on birch bark to making a dreamcatcher or learning chants, songs and drumming; taste traditional flavours cooking clams over a campfire while fragrant bannock cooks under the red-hot embers in the sands while you listen to an elder tell stories of what life was like generations ago.

The Lennox Island Mi’kmaq Cultural Centre began in 1973 when John Sark commissioned Mi’kmaq artist Michael Francis to paint murals depicting the Creations Story on the wall of the Priest House at Lennox Island. Nowadays you can see interpretive displays that explain the history, culture, language, spirituality and religion of the Mi’kmaq people as well as artefacts and photographs. All are welcome to the Cultural Centre to learn more and create memories to take home and cherish forever.

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