Inuit Adventures

Part of Nunavik’s Big Three of Arctic Wildlife travel package, Inuit Adventures takes you on a dynamic circuit that will lead you into their remote lands, far from man’s reach, to see and photograph polar bears, musk ox and caribou. 

Why travel all the way to Africa to witness a large-scale animal migration when the same spectacle can be seen right here in Northern Quebec? “Epic, thousand-strong caribou herds come our way every summer,” says Sean McDonagh, manager of Inuit Adventures.

Inuit Adventures is a collective of 14 businesses based in a little-known corner of the Western Arctic, known as Nunavik. Local Inuit guides collaborate to take intrepid travellers to the very heart of the ancient, thriving arctic landscape.

Only accessible by plane, Nunavik is home to a small community that balances modern living with ancestral traditions. Tourism in the region offers a means to share Inuit culture and raise awareness about this unique natural environment.

Inuit Adventures offers a range of experiences — from learning about the local arts, crafts and music scene and simply getting to know the Inuit people to multi-day excursions that take travellers deep into the wilds of nature.

Adventures can include a traverse of the Arctic tundra behind a team of sled dogs or learning how to build an igloo. Visitors also have opportunities to view the Aurora Borealis in the northern town of Kuujjuaq, one of the most spectacular locations on the planet to observe this phenomena.

High on most visitors’ lists is the opportunity to see the ‘Arctic’s Big 3’ — the polar bear, muskox and caribou. A visit to Nunavik with Inuit Adventures isn’t for the faint of heart, but it promises a rich adventure in nature and culture unlike anything else in the world.

At A Glance

  • Photo Safari observing Arctic wildlife
  • Aurora Borealis in Kuujjuaq on Ungava Bay
  • Discover Kuujjuaq
  • Kuujjuaq Tour - Dry Bay in the winter
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