Indian Arts & Crafts

Indian Arts & Crafts is featured as an authentic Indigenous experience in the Maritime Experience travel package. Book your trip to explore Indigenous art, seafood cuisine and go on trail rides. 

Overlooking the red sand beach and clear sparkling waters of Malpeque Bay in Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, the ‘Craft Store’—as the locals call it—has been part of the community on Lennox Island for over 40 years. Originally founded by Mi’kmag elder, Ray Sark in 1972 as a co-operative, the family business quickly found its niche featuring Indigenous arts and crafts from all over North, Central and South America, and is still operated under the Sark name today by Doreen and Charlie Sark, Ray’s brother and sister-in-law.

From one-of-a-kind sterling silver, pewter, bead, stone, and bone jewelry pieces to intricately carved Sumac tree owls, and cozy leather and fur-lined moccasins the Craft Store has unique artisan-created gifts and keepsakes for everyone. You’ll also find an incredible array of hand-crafted baskets here; founder Ray was famous for his traditional Mi’kmag ash splint baskets, which are made by separating the individual rings of the ash tree to create long, strong strips of ash which can be woven into sturdy, beautiful baskets. Along with the ash splints, there are also baskets woven from birch bark and porcupine quill, sweet grass and pine needles.

A must-visit when you’re on P.E.I, come and discover the creative talents of Indigenous artisans from across the continent and enjoy a warm welcome from the Sark’s and their team.

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