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Creating a quality program that allows us to share in the adventure of getting outdoors, through the main activity of hunting and fishing, is what we are about. We are going to show how the outdoors is a place of balance - as the ‘outdoors’ will always strive to be in balance. We are not bystanders in this attempt to be in balance, we are participants. We are going to share how we can help maintain balance in nature and show how it can help us do the same.

We all have an internal ‘medicine-wheel’ that is made up of 4 parts – emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. Equally balanced, they help us get through each and every day. We operate at our best when we are aware that if one of those quadrants is depleted, the wheel doesn’t turn very well.

It is also important to understand that our medicine wheel affects the medicine wheels of those closest to us, those of our family, those of our friends, and even those of whom we pass on the street. Together, like the mechanism in a clock, all the wheels work together. If one of our wheels is out of sync, it will have an impact on those wheels closest to it.

This is where the outdoors comes in. There are some of us that operate best when we are outside. It grounds us and teaches us the lessons that we need to learn: respect, humility, truth, honesty, bravery, wisdom, and love. If we pay close attention - all what we do will fall into one of these categories. With self-awareness, we can choose to not make the same mistakes over and over again. That way, we can become better - not only better hunters…but better people.

For us, the outdoors gives energy when we need it most. It teaches us how we are all connected to our natural surroundings. It provides us with what we need in order to survive and provides for those who are important to us. It gives us the strength to get through the difficult parts of our days and lives.

The goal of FTFTV is to share our experiences in the outdoors so that others can not only watch but be inspired to try it themselves – thereby fueling their passions, and fueling their own fire, to get outdoors.

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