Auberge Kuujjuaq Inn 

More than just a hotel, the Kuujjuaq Inn is a popular gathering place in Kuujjuaq. The services offered by the Inn make it a convenient choice for meetings, traveling, government officials as well as tourists. Hosting many events, such as weddings, Christmas parties and fundraisers, the Inn makes every effort to be involved in the community. The Auberge Kuujuaq Inn employs over 50 people from Kuujjuaq and across Nunavik, the province of Quebec, and even the rest of Canada.

Kuujjuaq meaning "Great River" in Inuktitut, is an Inuit community in the territory of Northern Quebec. The community is located on the shores of the Koksoak River. As of 2006, the population of Kuujjuaq was 2,180 and is currently the largest Inuit village in Nunavik.

Daily life in this community is closely tied to the mighty river. The ebb and flow of its tides are continually altering the landscape and they impose their rhythm on the practice of traditional summer activities.

The boreal forest is present around Kuujjuaq. Patches of black spruce and larch stand in marshy valleys. Kuujjuaq also witnesses annual migrations of the George River caribou herd. These animals pass through the region throughout September to November.

With its two airstrips, Kuujjuaq is the transportation hub of the entire region.

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