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Hockey Comes Home to the Mi’kmaq of Membertou

Hockey is a passion with the Mi’kmaq people, who, I discovered recently, may have had a hand in inventing the game. According to the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society in Windsor, Nova Scotia, it was Mi’kmaq carvers who made the first hockey sticks from Hornbeam trees, and in Silas Tertius Rand’s 1894 book, “Legends of the… 

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Dogsledding Across Northern Canada

For Indigenous people in the north, dog sleds provide not just transportation and companionship, but a way of life. While snowmobiles now offer an alternate mode of transportation across the snow and ice, dogsledding remains an important tradition. Dogsled teams are still used today as an effective and efficient way to get places, go on… 

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Indigenous Music and Musicians

A community’s musicians convey the heart of their culture through their stories and sounds. For Indigenous communities in Canada, music is an essential part of daily life and the backbone of spiritual, cultural and kinship beliefs. But just like Canada’s rich and varied landscapes and its complex linguistic tapestry, with around 60 distinct Indigenous languages… 

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2018 Indigenous Events Across Canada

Here is a list of some of the great Indigenous festivals and events happening across Canada this summer. The 2018 Canada Pow Wow Guide is now complete so you can start planning your summer Pow Wows. Who are we missing? Share a link on our Facebook page! Indigenous Events in Canada Manito Ahbee Festival     … 

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Embrace Winter in Canada with These Indigenous Experiences

Elsewhere in the world, winter is a time to wrap up and hide from the weather, but in Canada it’s a season to embrace. And who knows better how to have fun in the snow than Indigenous peoples who have lived on their land for centuries and share these great ideas about how to enjoy… 

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VIDEO: Indigenous Voices – Nadya Kwandibens (Nova Scotia & New Brunswick)

The third video from our Indigenous Voices video series features Nadya Kwandibens, an Anishinaabe / Ojibwe photographer who uses her work to tell vibrant and modern stories about Indigenous people from across Canada. In this latest video Nadya visits Mi’kmaq Territory in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to photograph the people and their vibrant culture.… 

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ITINERARY: Atlantic Canada Indigenous Adventures

Discover the Atlantic Canada provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Embrace the three provinces’ rich First Nations culture and Acadian history, while experiencing the stunning natural beauty of their rugged shorelines, sweeping flatlands, quaint towns, and the magnificent Cape Breton Trail. Since time immemorial, the Mi’kmaq Nation has called the Atlantic… 

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Make For Canada’s North to Marvel at the Aurora Borealis

I’d chased the northern lights for years before I saw them: clouds in Iceland, rain in the Yukon, and just plain bad luck in Norway meant that those magical dancing lights in the sky remained an elusive dream for more than four decades for me. I finally saw them when I was least expecting it;… 

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ITINERARY: A Cultural Adventure to Northern Ontario

The quiet of Northern Ontario is where you will be headed after leaving the bustling streets of Toronto. Drive in to the Algonquin region and enjoy a paddling adventure by kayak or canoe with the Algonquin Canoe company. Afterwards, your journey takes you to Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island. It is also home… 

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VIDEO: Indigenous Voices – Anong Beam (Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

There are six Anishinaabe communities on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, with a deeply rooted history of creativity. In this Indigenous Voices video painter Anong Migwans Beam, from the M’Chigeeng First Nation, shares her passion for creating artwork from the land to convey the experience of being on Manitoulin Island. “It’s amazing to venture out into the… 

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Preparing for the Inuvik Sunrise Festival 2018

I’m fascinated by Canada’s North with its wild, edge-of-danger beauty, and extreme weather. You need skills and strength to live there that I can only dream of possessing. Being a new-ish immigrant who’s still excited by the sight of snow; I have to confess that it’s a treat to even make a phone call to… 

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Holiday Shopping Guide 2017 – Authentic Indigenous Gifts

It is the holiday season and the perfect time of year to support Indigenous artists and family businesses by shopping for beautiful gifts. There are so many talented and amazing Indigenous artists and creators across Turtle Island – building, making, sewing and creating beautiful things for sale. Here are some of the beautiful things on… 

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Indigenous Tourism: Thinking outside the box, inside the circle

By Kim Gray In early November, I was honoured to attend the 6th annual International Aboriginal Tourism Conference — co-hosted by the Tsuut’ina Nation on their traditional land in Treaty 7 territory. The theme of this extraordinary event, which was held at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino in Calgary, Alberta, was “Raising Our Voices:… 

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VIDEO: Indigenous Voices – Blaire Russell (Blood Tribe – Alberta)

We’re proud to introduce the first video in our Indigenous Voices series, created in partnership with Destination Canada. The Indigenous Voices video series tells stories of Indigenous people by Indigenous people. In this video artist and photographer Blaire Russell welcomes us to Alberta, and his homeland, as a part of the Blood Tribe – Kainai… 

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ITINERARY: Nova Scotia Nature and First Nations

Discover Nova Scotia, and embrace the province’s rich First Nations culture and Acadian history, while experiencing the stunning natural beauty of its rugged shorelines, sweeping flatlands, quaint towns, and the magnificent Cape Breton Trail. For 10,000 years, the Mi’kmaq First Nations have called the rugged, sea-swept peninsula of Nova Scotia home. Discover a living culture… 

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Explore the Nisga’a Nation along the Auto Tour Route, British Columbia

I moved to Canada five years ago, and since then I have seen precisely one bear in the wild. I’d started to believe that I was a pretty effective bear-repeller, so when the chance came to visit Northern B.C., to go visit an ashram on assignment for B.C. Living, and I was promised that I was ‘absolutely guaranteed’ to see bears, I jumped at the chance.

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Indigenous Cuisine From Coast to Coast to Coast

Inspired by the land, oceans, and forests across diverse landscapes in Canada, contemporary Indigenous cuisine has fast catapulted into the mainstream. Based on living in balance with your surroundings, respecting all forms of life and giving back to the earth, traditional Indigenous cuisine revolves around no-waste, head-to-tail cooking. Now Indigenous chefs are pushing boundaries and… 

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Indigenous Art Across Canada

Art has always been an integral part of the preservation and expression of culture in Indigenous communities, and Canada is a treasure trove of Indigenous art, which spans thousands of years and has shaped the country’s cultural identity. Indigenous artists express voices of the people who have inhabited these lands for generations and draw inspiration… 

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Indigenous Cultural Centers and Heritage Parks

Canada’s diversity stretches far beyond its rich and varied landscapes. The country is home to hundreds of Indigenous communities who have thrived for thousands of years. Visitors can be welcomed to learn at Indigenous-run cultural centers and heritage parks across Canada, hearing the myriad stories passed down over many generations, visiting prehistoric sites and walking… 

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ITINERARY: Great Plains Adventure: Living History in Alberta

Step back in time to explore the rich and diverse culture of the nations of Treaty 7, and experience their way of life first-hand through traditional stories, cultural tours, and even sleeping in an authentic teepee. Learn from the Blackfoot Nation about how respect and understanding for the natural environment provided them not only with… 

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Power of Indigenous Tourism Video Series

Our Power of Indigenous Tourism video series has been created in partnership with Destination Canada and True Calling Canada to highlight the exceptional and authentic Indigenous tourism experiences available in Canada! We Have a Story to Tell There are many social and economic benefits that are created through Indigenous tourism. First Nations, Métis, and Inuit… 

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Guide to Indigenous Tourism in Canada

The new 2017/18 Guide to Indigenous Tourism in Canada, shares in the energy and power of Indigenous tourism, and tells the story of ITAC members and their businesses by emphasizing the importance of distinct community voices. The guide highlights storytelling as a way of expression and connects the profiles of each of the members to… 

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2017 Pow Wow Listings

We’ve compiled an ultimate guide to Pow Wows taking place across Canada this summer. Take a look at the dates in your area, or plan your next road trip for a unique Canadian experience! Pow Wows are ceremonial celebrations of cultural pride for all ages. These dynamic events showcase the music, dance, regalia, food and… 

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Welcome to the Indigenous Canada blog! Here you’ll find all the latest news, information, guides, activities and events across the country that celebrates our First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures. We’ll be sharing stories and things to do throughout the year, and want to encourage everyone from all walks of life to engage with the exciting Indigenous tourism industry across Canada.

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