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COVID-19 Development Stimulus Fund

With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the collapse of the global economy and travel restrictions, the Canadian Indigenous tourism industry is experiencing an unprecedented contraction. The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) will work collaboratively with Indigenous tourism businesses and Provincial, Territorial Indigenous Tourism Organizations (PTITO) to advocate for accelerated funding, tools and supports necessary to recover from COVID-19 and grow the Indigenous tourism industry again in our country.

ITAC recognizes that during these uncertain times, our shared singular focus in 2020-2021 must be on COVID-19 recovery and preparing for future tourism seasons. Therefore, the ITAC COVID-19 Development Stimulus Fund is dedicated to addressing the impact of COVID-19 on your business and the measures necessary to positively affect change.   

This is a starting place and ITAC commits to championing for a substantial and comprehensive package necessary to support the recovery in Canada’s Indigenous tourism sector. 

PROGRAM GOAL: The overall goal of this program is to assist in providing relief for Canadian Indigenous tourism businesses that are being affected by the impacts of travel restrictions and prepare for future tourism seasons. This can include market awareness, managing larger volumes of visitors, training qualified staff, and designing sustainable business growth strategies.

FUNDING AVAILABLE: This program is intended to assist as many Indigenous tourism businesses as possible from across Canada. There are limited funds available and therefore the funding amount for any one applicant will be up to a maximum of $25,000.  Due to the high volume of applications anticipated, ITAC may present an offer less than the full requested amount.

Over 600 Indigenous tourism business owners from across Canada have requested $14.4 million in grants through ITAC’s COVID-19 Development Stimulus Fund.

Paired with additional federal funding, ITAC hopes the program will help businesses to prepare for future tourism seasons by allowing them to focus on market awareness, training qualified staff and designing sustainable business growth strategies.

In Phase 1, funding is being released to 94 export-ready Indigenous tourism businesses from across Canada. As ITAC is successful in raising more funding, grants will be distributed to Indigenous tourism businesses who are at market-ready, visitor-ready or doors-open stages of their tourism development.

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For questions regarding the grant evaluation process, visit our Stimulus Grant FAQ’s page or contact your regional coordinator for additional assistance: