Toque and Canoe Features Tundra North Tours

Toque & Canoe, a blog/online magazine featuring stories about Canadian travel culture, has featured Margo Pfeiff’s story and photo essay about her visit to the Northwest Territories and experience with Tundra North Tours.

Owner of Tundra North Tours, Kylik Kisoun Taylor, offers travellers rare personal experiences amid a traditional way of life in Inuvik, Nunavut. Pfeiff explains, “I’ve been working for decades as a journalist and photographer in Canada’s North, and my four-day guided expedition with Tundra North Tours is one of the most intimate “out on the land” immersions I’ve ever had.”

Check out the article to learn more about Margo Pfeiff’s experience and the amazing photos she took on her memorable trip to the Northwest Territories.

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