Recent German Media Coverage

As a result of press trips, Indigenous culture in Canada and ITAC Members were recently featured by two German-language media outlets: WDR 5 radio and news site Spiegel Online.

‘Indigenous Spirituality in Canada’ on WDR 5

WDR 5 a German commercial-free radio program for North Rhine Westphalia and reaches about 890,000 daily listeners. As a result of the recent ‘Indigenous Toronto’ press trip hosted by Tourism Toronto, WDR 5 featured “Indigenous Spirituality in Canada” during a broadcast July, 22. The feature has an ad value of CAD$75,940.

The feature was created by Peter Kaiser and documented this year’s Pow Wow in Toronto. Peter interviews some First Nation people to learn about their beliefs and their spiritual history and emphasizes that this traditional celebration is a spiritual expression of the First Nations. The feature is supplemented by traditional music recorded at Pow Wow.

Click here to listen to the broadcast (German).

‘Dare Wilderness’ on Spiegel Online

Spiegel Online is the leading news site in Germany.  As a result of a press trip to British Columbia, Spiegel Online featured an article called “Dare wilderness” that was published on July, 19. The article has a reach of 8,316,456 visits and amounts to an ad value of CAD$91,341.

The article was written by Oliver Gerhard and features the landscape of Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park. Oliver experiences the impressive nature and wilderness he explores during a boat trip with a Mike Willie of Sea Wolf Adventures.

Click here to read the article (German).