Online Booking Initiative

ITAC continues to assist its members in the development and promotion of Indigenous tourism experiences.

Earlier in 2018, IndigenousCanada.Travel was launched as a venue for selling travel packages featuring ITAC members. The website continues to evolve and visitors will soon be able to book their travel experiences online either by purchasing pre-set packages or through a ‘Build Your Own’ package feature.

We are pleased to announce that we are providing an opportunity for market-ready members to add the online booking software to their own website.  This online booking system initiative can be for stand-alone products such as accommodation or activities and it also includes the Packaging Engine Platform.

Meridian Reservation Systems has been selected as our partner of choice for online product capabilities for accommodations, attractions and events associated with ITAC members.  This also includes a Hybrid Model Booking Engine with the capabilities of inventory management, rate loading and ticket issuance.

Based upon the anticipated number of members migrating to the online reservation service, ITAC has negotiated preferred pricing with Meridian Reservation Systems and is paying for the initial set-up and activation for market ready members. A representative from Meridian Reservation Systems, in conjunction with an ITAC designate will be connecting with an initial number of members set to migrate to the booking platform in early 2019.  This will be followed by additional members as businesses are further developed.

We’re excited to be offering this additional tool for selling Indigenous Tourism Experiences in Canada and welcome your feedback in the process.

How do you participate?

Step 1. Meet the Criteria

  • Is your business Market ready or Export Ready?
  • Are you a member of ITAC?
  • Do you have product available on a regular schedule or on pre-determined dates?
  • Do you have pricing and capacity for your product set for the next 12 to 18 months?

Step 2. Process

  • Speak with Riata Tourism.
  • Sign online booking engine agreement.
  • Implementation planning with Meridian Reservations Systems.
  • Contact your web developer to discuss adding the booking engine to your website.
  • Make a plan to train your staff and to adapt your booking procedures and policies.

The following detailed information indicates how a customer builds their own package and provides an overview of the payment process;

Consumer Booking Process

Sherry Baumgardner,    
(604) 290-2175

Scott Roberts,     
(604) 612-5646

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