Media Kit

Looking for images for your story on Indigenous tourism in Canada or need background info on ITAC  and its members? Our media kit is the best place to start. It includes a 3-page PDF Backgrounder with information on ITAC and the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada as well as a collection of images representing the diversity of Indigenous cultures across Canada.

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Our backgrounder document contains important information about who we are as an organization, information on Indigenous tourism, our media contacts and image information.

  • About ITAC
  • Targets: Measurable Goals to achieve by 2021
  • Vision & Mission
  • What is Indigenous Cultural Tourism?
  • The Economic Impacts of Indigenous Tourism
  • ITAC Media Contacts
  • ITAC Board of Directors
  • ITAC Documents
  • Image Information
  • Contact Information


Our media kit includes a collection of images that represent each of the Indigenous cultures in Canada; First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, as well as unique Indigenous cultural experiences from each of Canada’s regions. Image specific information and photo credits are included  in our backgrounder document .

You can browse the images below. Please contact us if you require high resolution images.


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