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Our Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines for Photography

Photos bring stories to life, but the choices that we make when we visually represent our communities have far-reaching effects; going beyond just showing what we do, to shaping how we are perceived. ITAC’s brand aims to tell many different stories, encompassing the diversity of Indigenous nationhood which thrives across Canada. By moving beyond stereotypical photos of Indigenous peoples “stuck” in history, we can show our communities as they really are: diverse, authentic, empowered and current.

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ITAC Brand Standards

The purpose of the Brand Guidelines is to assist with and to ensure brand consistency, in both corporate and consumer-based applications. It establishes guidelines for the utilization and deployment of the brand, whose strength and significance is created only through consistent, effective usage over time. This document provides the guidelines and best practices that will ensure the brand’s design integrity is maintained.

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Media Style Guide

Language is one of the many ways that has been used to oppress Indigenous Peoples. By being aware of the ways in which implied colonialism lives in language, you can re-frame the narrative and de-colonize your words. This guide is meant to help writers make better choices, and to equip them with a basic understanding on how not to repeat historically inaccurate terms, break Indigenous Protocols, or use offensive language.

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