ITAC works with partners to help market the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada to the world. Marketing initiatives in print and online, partnership opportunities with Destination Canada, and access to travel trade and media, ITAC marketing programs can help your Indigenous-owned or controlled tourism business reach new customers and expand your audience. Browse our current programs below or contact ITAC for more information at


2019 Showcase Canada Asia Program

ITAC has created the National Indigenous Tourism Showcase Program initiative to increase participation from qualified Indigenous tourism providers in the upcoming Showcase Canada Asia travel tradeshow being held October 23-24, 2019 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hong Kong.

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2019 Photography Subsidy Program

ITAC’s Photography Subsidy Program is for our Voting Members who have purchased the Optional Export-Ready Upgrade. All qualifying Members can receive up to $500 towards the cost of obtaining professional images or video of the experiences available at their tourism business. All images must be rights-free, made available for ITAC use, and created according to ITACs photo and video standards.

2019 Photo Subsidy Program


How to be Featured on ITAC Social Media

ITAC has multiple social media accounts that we use to promote our members — including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With over 25,000 followers, we’re here to share your best posts, so your business gets more exposure.

How to be Featured on Social Media


Online Booking: Meridian Reservation Systems

The website continues to evolve with visitors soon being able to book their travel experiences online either by purchasing pre-set packages or through a ‘Build Your Own’ package feature. ITAC is providing this opportunity for market-ready members to add the online booking software to their own website.  This online booking system initiative can be for stand-alone products such as accommodation or activities and it also includes the Packaging Engine Platform.

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2018 Indigenous Tourism Research

Working with our partners, ITAC has conducted a number of industry research projects in 2018. This research is undertaken as part of ITAC’s commitment to understanding the current state of the Indigenous tourism industry within Canada. The findings of the research is used to shape our programs and guide our work into the future.

2018 Indigenous Tourism Research


Guide to Indigenous Tourism in Canada

The new 2018/19 Guide to Indigenous Tourism in Canada, shares in the energy and power of Indigenous tourism, and tells the story of ITAC members and their businesses by emphasizing the importance of distinct community voices. The guide highlights storytelling as a way of expression and connects the profiles of each of the members to both the individuals and their communities.

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Power of Indigenous Tourism Video Series

As part of a multifaceted partnership, Destination Canada and ITAC are working together to create a series of Indigenous tourism promotional videos which highlight exceptional and authentic Indigenous experiences available in Canada. These videos are distributed online and presented at major industry events to build positive awareness of Indigenous tourism in Canada.

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Indigenous Travel Packages Booklet

The packages booklet, Indigenous Travel Experiences in Canada, invites travellers to experience authentic Indigenous culture and stories through tourism experiences offered by Indigenous peoples, communities and business across Canada. Travel packages featured in the booklet are also available at IndigenousCanada.Travel.

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Indigenous Canadian Signature Experiences Collection

This collection of authentic Indigenous tourism businesses are included as members of the Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) Collection from Destination Canada. These once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences are found only in Canada.

View the Indigenous CSE Collection
Indigenous Canadian Signature Experiences Collection


ITAC Brand Guidelines

This document’s purpose is to assist with and to ensure brand consistency, in both corporate and consumer-based applications. It establishes guidelines for the utilization and deployment of the brand, whose strength and significance is created only through consistent, effective usage over time. This document provides the guidelines and best practices that will ensure the brand’s design integrity is maintained.

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ITAC Brand Standards


ITAC Itineraries

ITAC has created a series of itineraries highlighting how you can add an Indigenous tourism experience to many of the popular travel routes throughout Canada. Whether you would like to shop for authentic Indigenous arts & crafts or taste Indigenous cuisine, stop in a community cultural centre to hear local stories and songs, or create a whole itinerary around Indigenous touring experiences such as wildlife or wilderness, there are options to add to your trip in every province and territory across Canada.

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Media Kit

Looking for images for your story on Indigenous tourism in Canada or need background info on ITAC and its members? Our media kit is the best place to start. It includes a 3-page PDF Backgrounder with information on ITAC and Canada’s Indigenous tourism industry as well as a collection of images representing the diversity of Indigenous cultures across Canada.

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Regional Indigenous Experiences

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