Photo from Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto by Nadya Kwandibens | Red Works Photography

ITAC Partners with Destination Canada Germany and Toronto Tourism to Highlight Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada is pleased to have partnered with the Destination Canada offices in Germany to secure a series of news features highlighting the first edition of Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto, hosted recently at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, May 31st to June 3rd.

Together, ITAC and Destination Canada Germany circulated a press release to German media highlighting the innovative designs and artists featured at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto in May. To date, the press release was republished 56 times on websites as well as in newspapers, (as an example, on press distributor websites like “Reise Infos und Tourismus Informationen” and in “Hessische Allgemeine”). All together, this resulted in more than 504,889 page impressions throughout Germany with a circulation of 639,878.

Additionally, the press release resulted in two press trips hosted in partnership with Tourism Toronto with national newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau publishing a double page spread entitled “Origin and Imitation – Ursprung und Imitation” on June 13, 2018. Frankfurter Rundschau is a regional daily newspaper in Germany and has a circulation of 171,316 copies. The article amounts to an ad value of $195,980 CAD.

The article shares one of the workshops held at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto, led by Lynda Teller Pete and then goes on to speak with the event organizer Sage Paul. Sage explains that the festival was created to highlight the integrity and cultural expression by Indigenous designers from across Turtle Island. Lynda states that many of the attendees are looking to explore and learn about their own roots and that many designs are inspired by tradition and modern ideas.

See the article online at:

The website received 2.5 Million Unique Users per month and the online article has an additional value of $123,675 CAD.

Much thanks to Destination Canada Germany and Tourism Toronto for their great partnerships to make this article come to life.