Membership Information

Any person or organization that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Canada may apply to become an ITAC Member.


Voting Members
A Canadian tourism-oriented business that is no less than 51% Indigenous-owned that is deemed by ITAC to be Market-Ready and meets or exceeds the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC.
An organization or association that is majority managed by Indigenous directors and represents Market-Ready Indigenous tourism businesses that are no less than 51% Indigenous-owned and meet or exceed the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC.

Market-ready, Indigenous owned members have the option to upgrade their membership for an additional annual fee to benefit from a listing of their business or organization on the ITAC online Indigenous Attractions Guide at

Non-Voting Members
A Canadian tourism-oriented business, organization, association (incorporated or otherwise) or a person within Canada who wishes to support ITAC’s vision and mission.

Indigenous tourism businesses that are in the start-up stage or are developing, expanding or upgrading their business can greatly benefit from an ITAC membership. However, these businesses will be categorized as Non-Voting Members until ITAC verifies their status as a Market-Ready Indigenous tourism business.


All ITAC memberships require a CAD$99 annual membership fee.
ITAC members will also have the opportunity to participate in other ITAC marketing, sales and business development programs.

Basic Membership
– $99 CDN annual membership fee
– all voting and non-voting members

Upgraded Membership
– $199 CDN annual fee in addition to the basic membership fee
– members who are market-ready and no less than 51% Indigenous owned have the option to be included in the ITAC online ‘Indigenous Experiences Guide’ which will be promoted extensively to consumers, travel trade and industry partners by ITAC and Destination Canada and hosted at


ITAC has confirmed the standard tourism industry criteria which a tourism experience must meet in order to satisfy marketplace expectations and be considered Market-Ready:

  1. In business for a minimum of 2 years
  2. Accessible to clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone, fax or email and returns calls within 24 hours during standard business days
  3. Meet all health and safety standards for their tourism sector including all applicable business licenses and liability insurance
  4. Offer a quality tourism experience and product that can be assessed or qualified through industry awards and recognition or visitor, trade, media and tourism association feedback
  5. Able to demonstrate that front line and management staff all have the necessary training, ability and skills to deliver a quality tourism experience
  6. Have published rates established at least 6 months in advance and are able to take advance reservations
  7. Accept debit and credit cards from visitors
  8. Aware of the provincial/industry standards for their sector and are able to meet or exceed those expectations (for food and beverage service, accommodations, transportation, attraction etc.)


Questions? For more information on ITAC, or for assistance with completing your Membership Application, please email

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