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ITAC is a membership-based organization and any person or organization that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Canada may apply to become an ITAC Member. Membership costs $99 + GST per year, and is based on two main categories of voting or non-voting, fees are due April 1, 2018.

The 2018/19 application process for ITAC voting membership has closed is now closed (as of April 1, 2018). Businesses can still become a member of ITAC, in a non-voting capacity.

For additional information about the benefits and application requirements for membership please see the 2018 Membership Program Guide.

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Membership Type 1: Market-Ready Experiences

Voting Member

A tourism experience offered by a business that is no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, deemed by ITAC to be Market-Ready and meets or exceeds the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC.

Membership Type 2: Indigenous Associations

Voting Member

An tourism association that is majority managed by Indigenous directors and represents at least 2 Market-Ready tourism businesses that are no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, and meet or exceed the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC.

Membership Type 3: Indigenous Non-Market-Ready

Non-Voting Member

An Indigenous-owned or controlled tourism business that does not meet the Market-Ready requirements as established by ITAC.

Membership Type 4: Industry Partner

Non-Voting Member

A Canadian tourism-oriented business, organization, association (incorporated or otherwise) or a person within Canada that wishes to support ITAC’s vision and mission.

Optional Export-Ready Upgrade +$199

For Membership Type 1 & 2 Only

This marketing upgrade is available only to ITAC voting members who meet Export-Ready criteria. Export-Ready Upgrade membership applications must include the completed Market-Ready Criteria Checklist and the Export-Ready Criteria Checklist in order to qualify.


Questions? For more information on ITAC, or for assistance with completing your Membership Application, please email

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