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ITAC is a membership-based organization and any person or organization that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Canada may apply to become an ITAC Member. Membership costs $99 + GST per year, and is based on two main categories of voting or non-voting, fees are due April 1, 2018.

The deadline for submitting completed membership applications for the 2018 Membership Program is March 31, 2018.

For additional information about the benefits and application requirements for membership please see the 2018 Membership Program Guide.

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Membership Type 1: Market-Ready Experiences

Voting Member

A tourism experience offered by a business that is no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, deemed by ITAC to be Market-Ready and meets or exceeds the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC.

Membership Type 2: Indigenous Associations

Voting Member

An tourism association that is majority managed by Indigenous directors and represents at least 2 Market-Ready tourism businesses that are no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, and meet or exceed the quality assurance and authentication standards established by ITAC.

Membership Type 3: Indigenous Non-Market-Ready

Non-Voting Member

An Indigenous-owned or controlled tourism business that does not meet the Market-Ready requirements as established by ITAC.

Membership Type 4: Industry Partner

Non-Voting Member

A Canadian tourism-oriented business, organization, association (incorporated or otherwise) or a person within Canada that wishes to support ITAC’s vision and mission.

Optional Export-Ready Upgrade +$199

For Membership Type 1 & 2 Only

This marketing upgrade is available only to ITAC voting members who meet Export-Ready criteria. Export-Ready Upgrade membership applications must include the completed Market-Ready Criteria Checklist and the Export-Ready Criteria Checklist in order to qualify.


Questions? For more information on ITAC, or for assistance with completing your Membership Application, please email

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