About ITAC

The purpose of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is to improve the socio-economic situation of Indigenous people within the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada. ITAC does that through the provision of the following services to Indigenous tourism operators and communities, or those looking to start a cultural tourism business:

  • economic development advisory services
  • conferences
  • professional development training and workshops
  • industry statistics and information

ITAC will develop relationships with other groups and/or regions with similar mandates, uniting the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada.  ITAC will work to enable collective support, promotion and marketing of authentic Indigenous cultural tourism businesses in a respectful protocol.

Our Mission

To provide leadership in the development and marketing of authentic Indigenous tourism experiences through innovative partnerships.

Our Vision

A thriving Indigenous tourism economy sharing authentic, memorable and enriching experiences.

The Path Forward: Five-Year Plan (2016-21)

ITAC has developed a five-year strategic plan to overcome barriers and maximize opportunities for Canada’s Indigenous tourism industry. Target goals for 2021 include:

  • A $300 million increase in the annual Canadian GDP from Indigenous tourism
  • A total of 40,233 Indigenous tourism workers
  • 50 new Indigenous tourism operators at export-ready status
Learn more about our Five Year Plan

Corporate Reports

ITAC offers our manuals, policies and other documents to other Indigenous organizations as templates for their use in growing Indigenous tourism or other Indigenous businesses.

View our Corporate Reports

ITAC Board of Directors

ITAC board members represent a wide range of tourism partners from across Canada. The responsibility of the board is to provide oversight and recommendations on implementation of the ITAC five-year strategy, as well as reporting on successes on a monthly basis.

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ITAC Staff

Led by the CEO, ITAC staff are responsible for the day to day operations of the organization across partnerships, development, membership and marketing.

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Media Coverage

A collection of national and international media coverage of ITAC and the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada.

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Industry Events

ITAC hosts a number of events throughout the year that members are able to participate in. Additionally, ITAC Board and Team members speak and present at a number of different events throughout the year.

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