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Board Directory

ITAC’s Directors represent Indigenous-owned and controlled organizations and are the voice of members from every province and territory. Directors are nominated and elected by members in each province and territory as laid out in ITAC’s by-laws.

Board Executive

Brenda Holder
Representing Alberta
Term: 2023-2027
Jason W. Johnston
Representing Ontario
Term: 2020-2024
Kelly Fiddler
Representing Saskatchewan
Term: 2023-2027
Marilyn Jensen
Representing Yukon
Term: 2023-2027

Yadultin & Dūsts’ā̀dle, is Inland Tlingit/Tagish Khwáan from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation; belonging…

Regional Directors

Colleen Lambert
Representing Newfoundland & Labrador
Dave Smith
Representing New Brunswick
Term: 2023-2027
David Daley
Representing Manitoba
Term: 2023-2027
James McPherson
Representing Northwest Territories
Term: 2023-2027
Jamie Thomas
Representing Prince Edward Island
Term: 2020-2024
Marie-Pierre Lainé
Representing Quebec
Term: 2020-2024
Marlene Joudry
Representing Nova Scotia
Term: 2021-2025
Sharon Bond
Representing British Columbia
Term: 2023-2027
Sheila Flaherty
Representing Nunavut
Term: 2020-2024