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Board Directory

ITAC’s Directors represent Indigenous-owned and controlled organizations and are the voice of members from every province and territory.

Board Executive

Brenda Holder
Representing Alberta
Term: 2019-2023
Jason W. Johnston
Representing Ontario
Term: 2020-2024
Kelly Fiddler
Representing Saskatchewan
Term: 2019-2023
Marilyn Jensen
Representing Yukon
Term: 2018-2022

Yadultin & Dūsts’ā̀dle, is Inland Tlingit/Tagish Khwáan from the Carcross/Tagish First Nation; belonging…

Regional Directors

Colleen Lambert
Representing Newfoundland & Labrador
David Daley
Representing Manitoba
Term: 2018-2022
Frank Antoine
Representing British Columbia
Term: 2019-2023
James McPherson
Representing Northwest Territories
Jamie Thomas
Representing Prince Edward Island
Term: 2020-2024
Marie-Pierre Lainé
Representing Quebec
Term: 2020-2024
Marlene Joudry
Representing Nova Scotia
Term: 2021-2025
Patricia Dunnett
Representing New Brunswick
Term: 2019-2023
Sheila Flaherty
Representing Nunavut
Term: 2020-2024