The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) continues to take steps to align the Aboriginal tourism industry across Canada. ITAC registered as a national non-profit association in 2015 and has today established membership processes to enable Aboriginal tourism industry partners to engage and show support for Aboriginal tourism.

The ITAC membership invites Non-Voting Members which may be any business or individual qualified to represent Provincial, Territorial or Federal Governments, Businesses, Municipalities, Cities, Towns, Villages, Districts, Regional Districts, Chambers of Commerce, Conventions or Conference Bureaus and/or Visitor Information Bureaus functioning within the geographical boundaries of Canada. Non-voting members may also be any tourist-oriented business, organization, association or a person within Canada and supports the purpose ITAC and the Aboriginal tourism industry in Canada.

ITAC membership invites Voting Members which is any Aboriginal tourist-oriented business, organization, association or Aboriginal entrepreneur functioning within the geographical boundaries of Canada that is market-ready. Voting members may also be an organization or association that is majority managed by Aboriginal directors and this organization or association represents market ready Aboriginal tourism businesses that are no less than 51% Aboriginal owned.

ITAC has created an additional online marketing option for Aboriginal tourism businesses, organizations, or associations that qualify for voting member status but want online presence at the website.

Keith Henry, ITAC Chair/CEO stated, “These are exciting times and ITAC is taking logical and timely next steps. We are now prepared to invite members to join the momentum created by ITAC for the Aboriginal tourism industry to ensure the needs of our industry are fully met. As such I hope all partners and our Aboriginal tourism industry will embrace and get more involved by becoming either a voting or non-voting member. ITAC has founding board members working hard to construct a strong national Aboriginal tourism industry organization and we are marketing current Aboriginal market ready businesses. I am confident that the future will yield real results given the recent release of the ITAC Five Year Plan: The Path Forward 2016-2021 and signing of the Destination Canada MOU this past December 2015.”

ITAC membership is now available online and membership will be important to determine future board positions, marketing participation, and other exciting initiatives.

To review the ITAC Membership Application click here.

About Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

Originally formed as the Aboriginal Tourism Marketing Circle, in 2015 the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) was formally established as a national non-profit Aboriginal tourism industry organization. Today ITAC includes representation from 15 Aboriginal tourism industry representatives and organizations. Through a unified Aboriginal tourism industry voice, ITAC focuses on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments and industry leaders from across Canada to support the growth of Aboriginal tourism in Canada.


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Keith Henry, Chair/CEO, ITAC:

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