Month: October 2017

ITINERARY: Nova Scotia Nature and First Nations

Discover Nova Scotia, and embrace the province’s rich First Nations culture and Acadian history, while experiencing the stunning natural beauty of its rugged shorelines, sweeping flatlands, quaint towns, and the magnificent Cape Breton Trail. For 10,000 years, the Mi’kmaq First Nations have called the rugged, sea-swept peninsula of Nova Scotia home. Discover a living culture… 

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Explore the Nisga’a Nation along the Auto Tour Route, British Columbia

I moved to Canada five years ago, and since then I have seen precisely one bear in the wild. I’d started to believe that I was a pretty effective bear-repeller, so when the chance came to visit Northern B.C., to go visit an ashram on assignment for B.C. Living, and I was promised that I was ‘absolutely guaranteed’ to see bears, I jumped at the chance.

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Indigenous Cuisine From Coast to Coast to Coast

Inspired by the land, oceans, and forests across diverse landscapes in Canada, contemporary Indigenous cuisine has fast catapulted into the mainstream. Based on living in balance with your surroundings, respecting all forms of life and giving back to the earth, traditional Indigenous cuisine revolves around no-waste, head-to-tail cooking. Now Indigenous chefs are pushing boundaries and… 

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Indigenous Art Across Canada

Art has always been an integral part of the preservation and expression of culture in Indigenous communities, and Canada is a treasure trove of Indigenous art, which spans thousands of years and has shaped the country’s cultural identity. Indigenous artists express voices of the people who have inhabited these lands for generations and draw inspiration… 

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